Some of you have chosen our home state, Rhode Island, and others prefer to do their reports on different states. These resources, as well as the resources on the New York page, will help you to find facts, pictures, ideas to create your project.
HINTS: What would make someone want to travel to your state? Winter or Summer sports (or both)? Celebrities/Famous People from past and present? Mountains? Rapids? Oceans or Lakes? Famous historical sites? Landmarks? Special celebrations? One-of-a-kind attractions? Zoos? Music or music festivals? Film festivals? Museums? State food specialities? Follow the trail of explorers, army generals, Revolutionary War sites....Make us want to drool over your choice.

All States Reference Links to access World Book for state information
EducationPlace State Resources
(click on the map to choose your state, and then under Teacher Favorites, click on State Facts)
Enchanted Learning: U.S. States
U.S. Census Bureau
InfoPlease Almanac

Rhode Island and New England States Food Information
Wikipedia article on Foods of New England
Rhode Island Foods

Rhode Island
Historic Attractions

**Vermont visitors bureau**

Here is an example of my sample glog - my first!