earth.jpgWelcome to Virtual USA and the World. Your assignment is to learn about your state (or province, region, country, and/or territory). You will then create a virtual field trip for other children to enjoy, while they learn about your area. Remember, field trips are fun and educational, even virtual ones. * Please note that the use of the term "state" is for ease only. If you are here from a country other than United States, insert your own term for your local area.

Essential Questions:

  1. If you were to have a friend come visit your state, where would you suggest they visit and why?

  2. How does the economy of your state depend on the geography of your state?

Your Assignment:

  • You will work in groups to complete the research and create a virtual field trip so other students can learn about your state. This can look like:

    • a television infomercial

    • a trip pamphlet

    • a trip wiki

    • a local newspaper

    • a picture book

    • other (Have a good idea? Share it with your teacher before you begin.)

  • Your completed project will be placed on this wiki for all to see.

  • Be sure to use the scoring rubric throughout your work to ensure that you are completing the assignment correctly.

  • You must include answers to all questions in the research section below, as well as answers to the essential questions.

Your Research:

  1. Find out about the geography of your unique area.

    • Where is your state?

    • What is the climate where you live?

    • What land and water forms are there?

    • What is unique that people would want to see?

  2. Find out about the government of your unique area.

    • What do you call the type of government you have?

      • Explain it.

    • Who runs your local government?

      • What are his/her responsibilities?

    • What is your local government responsible for?

    • What do your local taxes take care of?

  3. Find out about the economy is your unique area.

    • What are the largest economic producers?

    • What do you import from other countries?

    • What do you export from other countries?

    • How is your economy doing right now? Explain.